319 Kings Tea - 300g

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319 King's Tea (荼王) is mild-roasted Oolong Tea and categorized as second grade of King's Tea, created with the superior quality of Oolong Tea and Ginseng. Each Tea leaf is carefully selected with two leaves and one sprout guideline and combined with nourishing ginseng. Enjoy its gloominess tea color, mild roasted taste and aroma; also absorb the nourishment of Ginseng.


茶  量:5分滿(25g)
茶壺容量:200 c.c.
時  間:第一泡20秒,第二、三泡10秒,第四泡以後每泡累加5秒,濃淡可依個人喜好增減。


營養標示(Nutrition Labeling)
每100毫升/Per 100 ml
熱量/Energy 1大卡(Kcal)
蛋白質/Protein 0.2公克(gm)
脂肪/Fat 0公克(gm)
飽和脂肪/Saturated Fat 0公克(gm)
反式脂肪/Trans Fat 0公克(gm)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrate 0公克(gm)
鈉/Sodium 9.1毫克(mg)


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