Premium Pu Erh Tea - 225g

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Ten Ren's Fine Pu-Erh Tea comes from Yunnan, China, a region known for producing excellent Pu-Erh tea. Puerh tea is known for its strong earthy scent and flavor. This post fermented tea is commonly brewed with dried chrysanthemum flowers in dim sum restaurants. Tea brewed from Ten Ren's Fine Pu-Erh has a very dark reddish brown color. The aroma is distinct with an earthy undertone. The taste is lightly roasted with a prominent initial flavor and the aftertaste is slightly sweet and roasted which lingers.




營養標示(Nutrition Labeling)
每100公克/Per 100 gm
熱量/Energy 1大卡(Kcal)
蛋白質/Protein 0.1公克(gm)
脂肪/Fat 0公克(gm)
飽和脂肪/Saturated Fat 0公克(gm)
反式脂肪/Trans Fat 0公克(gm)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrate 0.1公克(gm)
鈉/Sodium 0毫克(mg)


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