About Us

Ten Ren's Tea was founded in 1953 in Taiwan, and reorganised to be Ten Ren Tea Co Ltd in 1975.Ten Ren has won numerous awards in Taiwan for various parts of its business ranging from its hygiene foods factory, broadcasting commercials through to outstanding manufacturing performance.

Ten Ren set up 72 chain stores in Taiwan, all formed with the goal of making the drinking of tea a leisurely and relaxing experience in this modern and fast paced society.

Eight major services that are offered in Melbourne City are;

* A free drink of tea

* Free trial of tea - purchase after total satisfaction

* Free tea art teaching

* Fresh tea leaves with good quality

* Mail order services

* Tea leaves and utensils specialty stores

* Coordinated deliveries with retail chain stores worldwide

We believe in "traditional business, with modern operations". Ten Ren strongly believes in a managing concept of "nature, health, hospitality". We hope to expand its operations and number of franchises in the future.

Ten Ren hopes to expand its overseas franchises to 100 chain stores worldwide, approaching the goal of "Wherever there is Footprint, there is Ten Ren"